Pilgrim monuments of the Camino

Monuments, statues and artwork celebrating the pilgrim’s passage along the Camino.

The biggest pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago…you may never see

As the path winds its way westward through the suburbs of Burgos, the last small town of Villalbilla de Burgos lies sandwiched between the industrial zone Los Brezos and the Madrid-Irun railway corridor. The name seems to be a corruption of its ancient name of Villa Alba (White Palace). Historically, it has always formed part […]

Pilgrim Silhouettes… letting the sunshine through in Frómista on the Camino de Santiago

Not every representation of the pilgrim’s passage is formed in the round. Sometimes, that which we remove makes what is left more visible. On the camino path, as you leave Frómista heading towards Carrion de los Condes, this iconic rendition of the pilgrim silhouette stands out clearly against the blue Spanish sky. It stands guard […]

Where the path of the wind crosses the path of the stars…

After departing Pamplona, you walk through suburban towns and villages before entering the Navarran countryside. Always in front of you is the heights of the Alto de Perdon, crowned with 21st century windmills. A long, steady climb brings you to the top with its magnificent 360° views. It is here that one of the most […]

Crossing to Roncesvalles over the Pyrenees…Heroes and Saints

They say that your hardest day on the Camino will be your first. Climbing the Pyrenees towards Roncesvalles from Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port will test your endurance right out of the gate. If you take the Route de Napoléon straight over the top, you will pass the Virgén de Biakorri at the Pic d’Orisson. Perched on a rocky […]

Celebrating the pilgrim’s passage – Monuments and statuary along the Camino de Santiago

Man has always needed to celebrate and commemorate important people and events. The pilgrim’s passage on the Camino de Santiago is no different. Along the 800 km. route, cities, towns and villages as well as individuals have erected or placed statues, memorials and monuments to the arduous trek made so many people. These posts will […]