Why mycaminobed?

The purpose of this site is to provide a resource for the modern pilgrim to discover lodgings along the Camino de Santiago. The appeal of a bed waiting at the end of an arduous day’s trek helps to lighten the pack and speed the feet. The desire for a quiet night’s sleep free from the boisterous snoring of your fellow travellers in a comfortable bed can be a magical, restorative tonic after several weeks on the road. A warm and satisfying shower in the privacy of your own room can quickly soothe the weariness of a 30 kilometer march through the fields. There are numerous instances where a simple bunk bed in a communal dorm is not the best choice at day’s end.

mycaminobed.com gives the pilgrim the power of modern mobile communications technology to look further down the Camino path and see the possible lodging options and make contact with those accommodations in advance of their arrival. With geo-location services activated on a mobile device, pilgrims can see their position along the Camino in real time as well as existing establishments in the villages, towns or cities ahead. Contact can be made through booking.com (simply follow the links), telephone, e-mail or lodging website. The increasing number of people deciding to experience the uniqueness of the Camino has put pressure on the availability of accommodations during the peak walking season. Sometimes, the only option is to continue on to the next village in hopes of finding a bed there. Use mycaminobed.com to plan your night’s rest and be free to enjoy the beauty of your daily walk.