Bridges of the Camino

Description of ancient bridges crossed along the Camino.

Bridges in the burbs… along the Camino de Santiago in Pamplona

As the Pyrenees fall behind you, you come to the hard streetscape of your first major city on the camino – Pamplona. Continuing along the main walking route from Zabaldika, you enter the barrio of Villava. Here the Río Ulzama wends its way towards an eventual meeting with the Río Arga. But the camino presents […]

Bridges and Bandits… along the Camino de Santiago

After leaving Zubiri, the camino continues on its downhill march toward Pamplona, closely following the course of the Rio Arga. Five kilometers after leaving the town, a footpath spanning the river appears on your right, This single arch Romanesque style stone bridge (12th century) leads into the village of Larrasoaña. Legend states that bandits would […]

The first bridge of your Camino … and your first steps over the mountains.

  A journey of 800 km. begins with the first step. Crossing the Pilgrim’s bridge over the River Nive at Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port to begin the climb over the Pyrenees and start the Camino de Santiago. There will be a lot of uphill and then a lot of downhill crossing over the Pyrenees. Don’t rush it, the […]