Seasons of the Camino

Descriptions and photos of the 4 seasons on the Camino.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…along the Camino de Santiago

  As autumn extends its grip along the camino, the presence of pilgrims begin to fade like the colors in the landscape. The numbers arriving in Santiago de Compostela drop dramatically in November. But there is still plenty of life in the villages, towns and cities that line the way. The magosto is a typical celebration in […]

Meditations on the Meseta…it’s fall along the Camino de Santiago

The mornings are now cool. Sweaters, maybe even gloves are needed to start the day. Coffee not only energizes the mind, but warms the body. Mid autumn on the meseta. As the sun climbs into impossibly blue skies, the heat begins to build slowly. By midday, the desire to be warm has dissolved into a […]

Camino summers…jumping into the frying pan.

Autumn has arrived on the camino with its warm days and cooler evenings. What to wear has re-entered the daily conversation when getting ready for your early morning departure. It was only a short six weeks prior that the main concern was sufficient water, sunscreen and the coolest clothing possible. July and August on the […]

Autumn has arrived… and it’s still sunny on the camino!

First day of fall. Great time to be walking along the camino. Wine harvest in full swing. The crops have been taken off and all that remains is the stubble in the sun-baked fields. The colour palette is less vibrant, more muted. These trees in their fall foliage at Monasterio de San Zoilo in Carrion […]

All the year long on the Camino Francés – Seasons of the Way

Spain…  land of eternal sunshine. Maybe in the tourist literature or some memory of a long ago holiday. But in truth, the climate of the Camino Francés will exhibit all four seasons of weather, from the heavy snows which smothered Burgos, driving rains and muddy trails come springtime in Navarra, the parched lands near Hornillos del […]